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Travel season is upon us! Are you are covered?


With the arrival of the holidays and the cold weather comes the Canadian desire to travel. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or you’re planning your annual vacation, travel insurance is a strong safety net for unforeseeable events that could occur on your trip. The coverage varies depending on how often and how long you are […]

HealthPlus: “Who Pays First?”


HealthPlus can be used on its own, or alongside a traditional group insurance plan, to ensure money back in your pocket is maximized. If you or any of your dependents are eligible for coverage elsewhere, please ensure other avenues of payment have been exhausted, prior to submitting a claim through HealthPlus.. For example: if you […]

Who Qualifies as a Dependant?


Who Qualifies as a Dependant? How does HealthPlus define eligible dependants? When it comes to processing a health claim, CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) allows you to claim the expenses you (or your spouse/common-law partner) paid for.  When claiming expenses for a dependant, CRA will allow you to claim for the following persons, who reside with […]

Autism: What is covered through HealthPlus?


Every day, there are children and families challenged with Autism. As a parent or caregiver, you always want what is best for your child. The best schools, the best resources and especially the best healthcare. Through HealthPlus, you have the flexibility to explore avenues of healthcare, which may not be typically covered under a traditional […]

FIVE Most Frequently Asked Questions About HealthPlus!


Have you been hearing about how thousands of Canadian business owners have been saving money by using HealthPlus? Would you like to know how? Here are the 5 most frequently asked questions about HealthPlus! What medical expenses are eligible?  Eligible expenses can range from eye exams, glasses/contacts, medications, chiropractic visits or dental expense to name […]

Enjoy the sunshine this summer!


Enjoy the sunshine this summer! The sunshine will be coming soon, we hope, so it’s time you start preparing! Stop worrying about sunscreen in your contact lenses, or driving with a glare off your glasses. Use HealthPlus and make this summer more enjoyable. Thousands of Canadians struggle with their eye sight on a daily basis. Many of them are turning […]

Refer a Friend and Get Money Back!


  Refer a Friend and Get Money Back! Ever had such great service, you told your friends about it? Well with Healthplus, you can earn money back, by doing just that! If you are a Business Owner and a current HealthPlus client, take a look at our referral incentive program on our website under The […]

HealthPlus gets you coverage for the expenses you need.


You asked…. My Chiropractor (physiotherapist, Osteopath, Optometrist, ect.) has recommended a supplement or product that they can also supply, but my normal health plan will not cover this cost. Can I claim this expense through HealthPlus? Yes! as long as the product or supplement in question is prescribed by and dispensed by a licensed medical […]

We have made some enhancements to HealthPlus!


New features include: Pro-rated annual limit Carry-forward on annual limits Annual maximums are now hard limits Auto-approval Emailing receipts to your Dashboard These new features can be set up when adding a new employee or you can edit existing employees: Already using HealthPlus: Click here to login to make changes to your preferences to start […]

What Is A Health Spending Account (HSA)?


The Best Health Benefits Plan You’ve Only Just Heard Of A Health Spending Account (HSA) with HealthPlus is a great new alternative to traditional employee health insurance. HSA’s allow companies of all sizes the ability to cover themselves, their employees and dependents for the expenses they need rather than incurring monthly premiums. HSA’s are fully […]

Please note that due to COVID-19 we are unable to process claims payment via cheque. Please update Pre-Authorized Debit information under your Company Dashboard – Employer Profile prior to submitting your next claim. Thank you for your understanding during this time. Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.