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Refer a Friend and Get Money Back!


  Refer a Friend and Get Money Back! Ever had such great service, you told your friends about it? Well with Healthplus, you can earn money back, by doing just that! If you are a Business Owner and a current HealthPlus client, take a look at our referral incentive program on our website under The […]

HealthPlus gets you coverage for the expenses you need.


You asked…. My Chiropractor (physiotherapist, Osteopath, Optometrist, ect.) has recommended a supplement or product that they can also supply, but my normal health plan will not cover this cost. Can I claim this expense through HealthPlus? Yes! as long as the product or supplement in question is prescribed by and dispensed by a licensed medical […]

We have made some enhancements to HealthPlus!


New features include: Pro-rated annual limit Carry-forward on annual limits Annual maximums are now hard limits Auto-approval Emailing receipts to your Dashboard These new features can be set up when adding a new employee or you can edit existing employees: Already using HealthPlus: Click here to login to make changes to your preferences to start […]

What Is A Health Spending Account (HSA)?


The Best Health Benefits Plan You’ve Only Just Heard Of A Health Spending Account (HSA) with HealthPlus is a great new alternative to traditional employee health insurance. HSA’s allow companies of all sizes the ability to cover themselves, their employees and dependents for the expenses they need rather than incurring monthly premiums. HSA’s are fully […]

Cannabis Coverage & Your Company Health Plan


Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada since 2001 and insurance companies have been slow to adopt cannabis coverage. HealthPlus Plan provides your workplace with the coverage you need – cannabis included.  Cannabis: A Medicine Through The Ages Cannabis has been used as a means to treat a widespread array of medical issues for thousands […]

Tax changes for Small Business Owners – 2018 Budget continues the assault on small business owners


Written by Andrew Noseworthy April 4, 2018 Vice-President CAPCORP Financial   Finance Minister Morneau’s 2018 budget continued the string of punitive tax measures aimed at small business owners. While many commentators opined that it wasn’t “as bad as expected”, it still represents more taxation.    With all of the rumoured changes, proposed changes and revised changes, […]

Why choose HealthPlus over other HSA’s?


A Health Spending Account (HSA) is a tool that allows you to pay for 100% of your medical expenses through your business before tax as opposed to paying for them personally with after taxed dollars.  This product is an excellent alternative that many business owners have adopted as their choice for paying for employee medical […]

How a Health Spending Account will save your business money


I want to share a conversation that I had with a friend of mine, who for the sake of this article we’ll name Suzanne. Suzanne is a business owner who founded and successfully runs her own company in Kanata. She has been looking for more ways to be effective with her cash flow and tax […]

How to use life insurance to protect your small business


By Matthew Chiang Advisor,  CAPCORP Financial For a small business, the passing of an owner or key employee can threaten the organization’s very existence. Life insurance can help small businesses guard against the impact of unexpected tragedies, through mechanisms such as Split Dollar Arrangements, Key Person Insurance, Funding Capital Gains Tax on a Business at […]

Stop paying for your medical and dental expenses personally.


Use HealthPlus and make them a business expense! As a business owner the cost of health and dental coverage can be costly and these expenses can add up quickly. Consider new glasses, contact lenses or even Lasik surgery for your eyes. Throw in some braces for your kids, and before you know it you’ve accumulated over $5000.00 of receipts. […]