Who’s It For

HealthPlus allows you to make claims as a deductible business expense while providing customizable benefits for yourself and your dependents, and to your employees and their dependents.

Small Business Owners

Your’re never too small for a benefits plan but as a small business there are no good solutions out there until now.


  • You own a business and you have a few employees.
  • You might already have a group insurance plan or you might not.
  • You want a solution that provides your employees or perhaps just one key employee with extensive, flexible benefits at a cost you can control.
  • You don’t love the idea of a heavy fixed premium commitment or startup cost.
  • Tax-free benefits are attractive, especially where a key employee is concerned.


Consider topping up that existing group insurance coverage with HealthPlus. Or better yet, use our plan as cost-controlled alternative. You could allocate each employee an annual limit like $500 to spend on the extensive list of covered expenses. By setting the limit, you put a maximum on your costs. You only incur a cost it the employee actually has expenses to submit. The cost would be tax deductible to the business and the reimbursement would be received tax-free to the employee covered. If you want a key employee to have even better coverage, you can opt for no spending limit.

Medium to Large Business Owners

HealthPlus is a tax-effective benefit your executive team will love!


You have one or more key people that make the business run. You want to retain them with a comprehensive compensation package. Because they are your highest earners, they are sensitive to the amount of income tax they have to pay. They are busy people, with active lives and they want a simple solution that just works.


Provide a Health Spending Account to top-up their coverage under the group insurance plan. Allocate them a dollar amount that they can spend on themselves and their family once the limits of the group insurance plan are reached. Orthodontics, designer eye glasses, laser eye surgery or more massage therapy are all typical expenses that don’t get the full treatment under a group insurance plan. Without this coverage, precious after-tax dollars are being wasted. A $5,000 allowance under a Health Spending Account through HealthPlus, will in many cases put more than twice the after-tax dollars in their pocket compared to all other forms of compensation.

Self-Employed Individuals

As a one person enterprise you are told you can’t get a group health and dental plan. That’s why we created HealthPlus!


You are the one person enterprise. Even though you’re on your own, it doesn’t mean that you want to forgo some of the typical benefits that employees of large companies get. You are told that you can’t get group insurance, because you need more people. But you have expenses, and you want the coverage and you know that it can be extremely tax-effective.


HealthPlus was born for this situation. With no group insurance options and limited choice of individual insurance products, the self-employed business owner has been turning to HealthPlus for over 20 years to provide tax effective coverage for their family’s health, dental and vision care expenses. Enroll yourself at no cost. Only if you have claims, will your company be charged tax-deductible premiums. This will be quickly followed by tax-free reimbursement of your eligible expenses directly into your personal bank account. Check our Cost Calculator to see the tax-savings work for you.

Dentists and Dental Practices

Meaningful Benefits: Provide your valuable employees a flexible benefits solution at a controlled cost to reward their loyalty.


Flexibility for employees to spend benefit dollars on what they need or want most. Stability and employee retention in the entire team is important to maintaining patient satisfaction and ensuring practice success.

  • Your employees decide what they want to spend their benefit money on
  • The benefit is 100% tax free to your employees and 100% tax deductible for your business.


Traditional Employee Benefit Plans can get costly. HealthPlus provides a cost controlled benefit solution – Set annual limits. You only paying for the benefit if it is used.

  • Set an annual limit per employee
  • No monthly premiums
  • No copayments or deductibles
  • No surprise renewals