What Is It?

HealthPlus is the simplest way for business owners to save on income tax, providing up to 100% reimbursement for Health, Dental and Vision care related expenses.


Secure. Fast. Easy

Introducing HealthPlus – a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) that is the simplest way for business owners to save on income tax, providing up to 100% reimbursement for Health, Dental and Vision care related expenses. HealthPlus allows you to make claims as a deductible business expense while providing customizable benefits for yourself and your dependents, and to your employees and their dependents. HealthPlus is built to be flexible – it can be your only plan or supplement your existing plan.

Norman Houle

Houle & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants

“After using HealthPlus for myself and my employees, I recommend it to all my clients who are business owners. I see the significant savings my clients receive as a result of them using HealthPlus when I compile their tax returns.”


A Benefits Solution that Works for You

Affordable health care benefits designed specifically to fit your needs as a business owner, you need Health and Dental coverage for you and your family and for your employees and their families.

By using HealthPlus you also received the tax saving benefits for your business, here is why Canadian business owners are using HealthPlus to Benefit their business in so many ways.

Online Claims Made Easy

HealthPlus uses a secure web-based platform to process all claims. No more paperwork! Simply login to your account and make a claim and payment. Within days receive your reimbursement directly to your bank account

Unlimited Coverage

No maximums! Orthodontics, laser eye surgery, glasses and it doesn’t stop there. Get unlimited coverage on the benefits you need. Click here for a full list of eligible expenses. Enroll online and you’re ready to go!

Replace or Supplement Coverage

The way you use HealthPlus is up to you. It works as a supplement to an existing plan or it can replace it entirely. Whether you are a one person operation or have 1000 employees, HealthPlus will save you money and is a great alternative to traditional group insurance.

Fully Customizable

The eligible expenses you would like to cover are completely customizable. If you don’t need use drug coverage, for example then why pay for it?. Spend your money on the coverage you need most.

No Costly Monthly Premiums

Pay only when you claim. It costs only a 10% administration fee on your claims at the time they are submitted – if no claims are submitted you don’t pay anything. What’s even better, No set up or enrollment fees.

You Control the Cost.

HealthPlus changes how a business can manage the cost of its benefits. You decide how much you want to spend. When HealthPlus is set up for employees and their dependents, the employer has the option to decide year-to- year maximum amounts allocated to each employee. No annual premium increases and if your employees don’t use their allocated amount, then you’re under budget!

Tax Savings

Health and Dental benefits are one of the very few tax deductible business expenses that are received by employees tax free.  At the business level you deduct the cost. As an employee its tax free money in your pocket! Check out our cost calculator to see your savings.


What’s the Cost to You?

HealthPlus is designed to save you more money than it costs

  • There is no fee to sign your company up
  • There is no cost unless you use the program
  • And if you do use the program you will save tax!

Lets say you paid the dentist $350 during a recent visit

You submit the claim on line, through our portal

We will withdraw $425.25 from your corporate bank account

Calculated as follows:

$350 Eligible Expense

$35 HealthPlus Fee

$40.25 Taxes

We will electronically deposit $350 into your personal bank account. The corporation gets a tax-deduction of $425.25 as benefits cost.

The $350 is a tax-free reimbursement.

If you would like to see how this works in your own situation and calculate the tax savings try our Cost Calculator!