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Travel season is upon us! Are you are covered?

With the arrival of the holidays and the cold weather comes the Canadian desire to travel. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or you’re planning your annual vacation, travel insurance is a strong safety net for unforeseeable events that could occur on your trip. The coverage varies depending on how often and how long you are away, as well as your age and your pre-existing medical conditions. There are a variety of packages that can include your spouse and children. Generally, there is coverage for all expenses related to an unforeseen medical emergency. And generally all policies are somewhat different in the way they cover or exclude a pre-existing medical condition that deteriorates while you are travelling.

We would be happy to refer you to a brokerage that specializes in out-of-country coverage. We are often asked “is Travel insurance is an eligible expense under HealthPlus?” The answer is “no”, but it’s still good news! Because travel insurance is a form of health insurance, your corporation can pay for travel insurance for any of its employees (and their family) and it will be a deductible business expense. You don’t need to submit it to HealthPlus. email us at

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