Submitting your claims has never been simpler! - Health Plus

Submitting your claims has never been simpler!

Did you know that you or your service providers can email receipts directly into your HealthPlus Employee Portal to make claims faster and easier to submit?

The portal is where you go when you login to to submit your eligible expenses. You automatically have a unique email address associated with your portal!

To obtain your unique email address, simply log-in and scroll down on the main login page.




Click the blue button labelled “Receipt Email Address” and an email will open up using that address. Take a note of your unique address.
When you send receipts to this email address, they will appear in your Employee Portal under:

“New Claim – Add Receipt”

You can scan receipts and email them yourself, you can forward receipts emailed to you by a provider, or you can tell a provider to send receipts directly to that address! Lots of choice!

Your time is valuable and HealthPlus was built to be simple and easy to use.

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