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HealthPlus: “Who Pays First?”

HealthPlus can be used on its own, or alongside a traditional group insurance plan, to ensure money back in your pocket is maximized.

If you or any of your dependents are eligible for coverage elsewhere, please ensure other avenues of payment have been exhausted, prior to submitting a claim through HealthPlus..

For example: if you are eligible for provincially funded programs such as Trillium, Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB), or Assistive Devices Program (ADP), then they should pay their covered portion first.

Second payer would be group insurance such as Great West Life, Sun Life, Manulife, etc. Any remaining balances or unpaid expenses would then be claimed through HealthPlus. If you are not eligible for coverage elsewhere then claims can be submitted directly to HealthPlus.

What do I submit to HealthPlus from my group insurance company?

When submitting balances or unpaid services to HealthPlus, simply attach your on-line claims summary and submit that as your receipt, totaling the unpaid amounts.

HealthPlus is easy to use and gets your money back where it belongs. In your pocket!

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