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Enjoy the sunshine this summer!

Enjoy the sunshine this summer!

The sunshine will be coming soon, we hope, so it’s time you start preparing! Stop worrying about sunscreen in your contact lenses, or driving with a glare off your glasses. Use HealthPlus and make this summer more enjoyable.

Thousands of Canadians struggle with their eye sight on a daily basis. Many of them are turning to laser eye surgery to correct their vision and eliminate the daily battle with glasses or contact lenses. Most often, the reason patients think twice about the procedure, is due to cost. We’re here to let you know that this expense is eligible through HealthPlus.

One important piece of information to make note of, is that laser eye surgery may not always be the best option for everyone. Some factors that can interfere with a successful procedure are strength of prescription and the natural deterioration of vision. If laser eye surgery isn’t for you, then it’s time you looked in to prescription sunglasses!

Too often, people are getting headaches from driving, squinting from the sun, or getting distracted by bright glares. There is no need to buy those sunglasses that you have to wear over your prescription glasses, when you can get those STYLISH prescription sunglasses that you’ve always wanted. All you have to do is claim your prescription, along with your receipt, and get reimbursed through HealthPlus.

Check out everything that is an eligible expense and take in those sunny rays this summer!

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