Your Benefits. Your Way.

Introducing HealthPlus – a Healthcare Spending Account (HSA) that is the simplest way for business owners to save on income tax. Sign up now for unlimited coverage on the benefits you want!


A Benefits Solution that Works for You

Affordable health care benefits designed specifically to fit your needs as a business owner. You need Health and Dental coverage for you and your family and for your employees and their families. By using HealthPlus you also receive the tax saving benefits for your business.

Here is why Canadian business owners are using HealthPlus to benefit their business in so many ways

Online Claims Made Easy

HealthPlus uses a secure web-based platform to process all claims. No more paperwork! Simply login to your account and make a claim and payment. Within days receive your reimbursement directly to your bank account

Unlimited Coverage

No maximums! Orthodontics, laser eye surgery, glasses and it doesn’t stop there. Get unlimited coverage on the benefits you need. Click here for a full list of eligible expenses. Enroll online and you’re ready to go!

Replace or Supplement Coverage

The way you use HealthPlus is up to you. It works as a supplement to an existing plan or it can replace it entirely. Whether you are a one person operation or have 1000 employees, HealthPlus will save you money and is a great alternative to traditional group insurance.

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Using HealthPlus as an Executive top up

For our company leaders it is important to provide tax-effective compensation. Our executive team takes advantage of top-up coverage provided by HealthPlus. The group plan is fairly comprehensive, but there are still out-of-pocket expenses. HealthPlus allows us to cover those items in the most tax-effective way for our top earners

Who it’s for

Built to be Flexible. For Everyone.

HealthPlus allows you to make claims as deductible business expense while providing customizable benefits for yourself and your dependents, and to your employees and their dependents.

Small Business Owners

Medium to Large Business Owners

Self-Employed Individuals


How it works

Secure, Quick and Simple!

When you incur expenses for things like glasses, contacts, orthodontics, prescription drugs…. just snap a picture or make a scan of your receipt and upload it to our secure online claim system.

Enrollment Process

Enrolling in HealthPlus is simple, use your name and email for secure access to your personal online employer dashboard.

Claims Process

A Secure, Quick and Simple claim process, because your time is valuable

The benefits

You Could be Saving Now

A PHSP changes how a business manages, provides and receives benefit coverage. As a business owner you receive tax savings by incurring health, dental and vision expenses, paying for these expenses with before-tax dollars. By making your health and dental expenses 100% tax deductible through your business the savings are significant!